Things You Think You Can't Do....

Monday, March 28, 2011

So lately, I've given God the reins and let Him drive. It's the reason I started this blog and the reason I started a women's bible study. I honestly don't know near enough about the bible to lead a bible study (at least that's what I tried to tell God). He didn't seem to care about my biblical knowledge though. 

Sometimes the Holy Spirit just tells you to do something. I think I used to often ignore the stirrings in my heart thinking that those things were only things I wished I could do, not things I actually could do. As it turns out, that was the devil talking! The reason you think and dream about certain things over and over again, is because the Holy Spirit is speaking to you, and you are supposed to do those things!

I figured that starting a bible study sounded like something the wife of a pastor would do, so I did it. There were days there would be 4 of us, and there were days there would be 10 of us. And we all grew closer to God and in faith over a 10 week study.

As it turns out, the very thing that I was scared of and that I thought I couldn't do, took my faith to a new level, and I watched other women I love experience the same change. And we slowly began to rely on each other and the fellowship and the sharing and the pain and the love of those Monday nights.

Tonight, just a few short months after we initially began, I walked into a room with 19 women ready to learn about God's vision for their life. The devil has tried numerous times to get in the way of us growing, but he was stopped dead in his tracks tonight as we shared openly and honestly. Women of faith needing a place to share and pray together were united tonight.

I'm glad I'm doing the things I thought I could never do. And I'm praying for bigger visions and more audacious quests for God. I know there is something that only I am supposed to do, and with God in the driver's seat, I know He'll reveal it to me when I'm ready for the challenge.

What is it that you think you can't do, but can't stop thinking about? Whatever it is, is exactly what He wants you to do. He's asking. You're fighting back, and the devil is doing everything he can to make you believe you can't do it. Do the things you think you can't do by faith, and watch God move in your life.

"Everything is possible to him who believes." Mark 9:23

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  1. I loved tonight and I love what God has done to our once little bible study. He has got huge things planned for our group. You can just feel it sitting in that room full of women longing for more of our God. How awesome He is amen?
    I am so happy you started this blog and the bible study. You have no idea how awesome it is to have such amazing role models in my life. I know Natalie feels the same way. It's great to have living examples of Godly women around us each and every week. Thank you for listening to God's call and obeying him. You inspire me to do more than I think I can do because God is working so powerfully through you.
    You are just amazing and I love you!


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