Things You Think You Can't Do....Like Sell Something

Friday, March 25, 2011

 I'll never forget finding Scentsy. I thought it was the coolest concept ever. And I love candles, so I was immediately hooked.

At the time, I was looking for something. I wanted to stay home, but knew I couldn't sell a thing. Plus we were in credit card debt and living pay check to pay check. But on top of that, there were numerous reasons I thought I couldn't sell Scentsy.

The reasons why I should not have started selling Scentsy:
  1. I can't sell anything! Seriously, Brian is the salesperson in our family, not me. I hardly like to talk to people half the time, let alone attempt to sell things to them! 
  2. I knew nothing about direct sales. I pretty much understood that I could sign-up for a small fee and begin selling the product for a profit, but that's about as much as I understood. 
  3. I knew nothing about business. And if you plan on being successful in direct sales, you have to run a business more or less. 
  4. I can't sell anything!
The problem with Scentsy is that it gets in your brain and you can't stop thinking about it. One thing I did know was that I loved it, and if I loved it, I knew other people would too.

With all the reasons above that I shouldn't have started selling Scentsy up against the simple fact that I loved it, there really was no case for me to start in the first place. But I sat at my kitchen table and prayed for a clear answer (which I don't do a lot) and knew within seconds that I was absolutely supposed to sign up.

So with a million doubts and fears in my head, I payed my $99 and signed up to sell Scentsy. I never once imagined what would become of that one decision. I had no idea how the big picture looked. But oh how glad I am that I listened to an answered prayer that night and signed up despite my own fears and doubts.

In hindsight, of course, it obvious what He had planned for me that day. He wanted me to be scared and to offer up every reason that I shouldn't, and then to trust Him anyways.

Sometimes that's all it takes to do something you don't think you can do, a little faith and trust. Pray about the things that scare you, and watch God change you through your fear and get you a little closer to the kingdom changer He has planned for you to be.

Do the things you think you can't do, and watch your world change for the better.


  1. so true my dear....i love that last line!!

  2. Hi Allison! I'm one of your newest followers and have been reading through your blog and absolutely loving it. I've been so challenged and encouraged and I'm finding myself falling inlove with the Lord all over again because of so many of your posts. After reading this post, I wanted to tell you how I found your blog.

    A few weeks ago, I decided I wanted to sell Scentsy. It was an out of the blue kind of decision and once I made it (and prayed heavily over it) I pretty much ate, breathed and slept everything I could get my hands on about selling Scentsy. I found myself watching all kinds of YouTube videos and that's where I saw a speech given by Jacquelyn Roy at (I think) a Scentsy convention. Hearing her words had me even more hooked. Interestingly enough, some videos I had been watching from one consultant mentioned that she had even more videos about Scentsy on ustream. I'd never heard of ustream but googled "Scentsy" and found all kinds of videos. And there were some by Jacquelyn. Imagine my suprise! So, I started watching. And in one video, she mentioned you and your ustream channel. I sat there with my notebook in hand and wrote down so many ideas that you gals mentioned and then ones that came to me while I watched. The excitment I had to become a consultant was crazy! I couldn't wait to get started. It literally kept me up at night.

    Long story short, I cannot sell Scentsy right now because I'm an American living in Canada and though I am ALMOST through with the process to work in Canada, I'm not quiet there yet. Because I'm so excited to sell, we are going to pay the $150 fee to apply for my work permit rather than waiting for my other documentation to be approved. All that to say...

    I'm not yet selling but have determined that I am going to make a business out of this. I've been blessed to be a stay-at-home wife and now a stay-at-home mom and I wouldn't trade it for anything. But the desire to have something to call my own is so huge for me right now. I'm far from my friends and family and am carving out a life here in Ontario, Canada. I'm desperate to have something of my own. I've decided that these next few months while I wait for my workers permit, I will keep on imersing myself with all things Scentsy. I'm determined to find out what I need to do about taxes and how to successfully run this business here in Ontario. I'm excited that the product is so new here and that there are so many who've never heard of Scentsy.

    I want to thank you for allowing your videos to be viewed by the public. I've learned so so much and I appreciate all of your tips. You are truly an inspiration. I'm glad I came across your blog because it's been so awesome reading all that you have to say. Love your organizational posts too! I'm an organizing junkie! I also wanted to tell you that I'm soooo excited to do Chazown. I've printed out my guide and will be starting the course pretty soon. I'm so so so excited about it! I only wish I had found those posts back when you were doing it on the blog. I would love if you'd do more online Bible studies. That would be amazing! There is nothing like that at our church and I'm desperate for community with other women.

    Thanks for reading such a long comment. I know you are a busy woman! I just wanted you to know how much you have inspired me and how much I appreciate all that you've put into this blog and your Scentsy videos. Thanks girl! Hope you have a great night, and again, thanks!

    - Mandi @ Finding Home Blog

  3. Hey Mandi,
    It is so cool to hear that you're reading through my blog! And I am of course ThRILLED to hear that you you're going to start a Scentsy business. It has obviously been a huge blessing in our life.

    Let me know if you need anything or have any questions. Jacquelyn is my sister! And she is incredible!

    I am starting more bible studies soon! There is one coming next week actually.

    Thanks for following! Your comments have been encouraging!


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