Laundry Room Organization!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I know! I know! The title of tis post just gets you excited doesn't it?!

Since Monday is laundry day, I thought my organizational week should start with the laundry room. Here are a few before pictures:

Not awful, but by no means was it an effective use of space. Lots of wasted space actually. 

So here is what I did instead....

I love developmentally appropriate and stimulating toys for my kids, but it seems like those toys always have the most pieces and make the biggest messes! So I decided to take all those toys out of the toy boxes and store them in these plastic bins instead. We still get to play with them; just one at a time. Then all the pieces can stay together! Yeah! 

We've got play-doh in there. Puzzles....which I love, but are easy to hate when the pieces end up in a million places. I am also storing craft supplies, Melissa and Doug toys (usually wooden and great developmental toys but also a huge mess), and I created a place for finished artwork to be kept until it's time to save or throw away. We put new art in there today after school! I love it! 

I also re-vamped the shelves above the washer to be a better use of space. 

A small trash can for lent and used dryer sheets. 2 small shelves for all the smaller items taking up space. A clear jar to store my dryer sheets in so I know when we're running low. And I even found space for more toys! 

Then my favorite idea of the week! An over the door shoe organizer filled with craft supplies, shoes (of course), cleaning supplies, and more! It's awesome! 

Just another Monday Madness project....happy organizing!

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