I'm Back!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Well after a few weeks of very minimal posts on my blog, I am definitely back! I have truly missed writing. We were blessed to spend a week at Disney World thanks to Scentsy, and I had time to really think about a lot of things. It's amazing how time away from the every day can totally change your perspective.

After spending a week toting 2 toddlers around "the happiest place on Earth" in 95 degree heat, amazingly I returned refreshed and looking forward to a somewhat normal week. I also left the week yearning to write; not just about our experience at Disney, but about so much more.

The days I haven't written have almost fallen short. I've felt empty, uninspired, and almost bored. I found myself thinking about the things I should be writing about, so here I am....back in the blogger world!

Won't you follow me? I've got a list of things that are itching to come out on paper.

Thank you so very very much to those of you who came up to me at Disney World last week to tell me that you're following this blog. I was honored, shocked, and completely moved. Thank you for making this feel worth while. It was wonderful to meet you. You may never know how much your words meant.

Thanks for going on this crazy journey with me. My prayer is that every day, God will give me words that someone needs to read. Enjoy the ride!

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