Asking for Help

Saturday, August 20, 2011

I like to think I can do it all. I usually try to do it all, actually. But there are days when we undeniably need other people.

I have been so incredibly blessed by my women's small group. These women have become everything to me. Today I had to call on a couple of them to come to my rescue.

My Scentsy team meeting was scheduled for this morning, and we had a horrible night last night with Luke, our 2-year-old. He was up almost every hour crying uncontrollably.

It was awful for everyone involved, especially Luke. Usually if we have an event interfere with one of our kids, either Brian or I take care of the kiddos while the other one goes to fulfill our obligation.

But this morning that plan wasn't going to work. Brian was on his way to Missouri to pick up a car he bought online. I was by myself with the kids. Luke cried non-stop for most of the morning.

What to do?

I called Jacquelyn, my fabulous sister-in-law, to see if there was anyway she could get dressed and leave her house in less than an hour to come host my team meeting.

And of course she agreed. Amy Marc-Charles also showed up to help and save the day. How grateful I am.

It's more than great to have other women you can call on in a time of need. And although there is nothing I hate more than inconveniencing someone to make my life easier, sometimes we all need help.

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