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Sunday, August 14, 2011

As I sit at Sonic with my sleeping children snoring in the back seat, I can't help but wonder how I'll ever find time to write every single day.

I've stopped for a pit stop between church and home. A much needed dose of caffeine comforts me from the cup holder, and the doubt I have in myself begins to seep in. Can I really do this?

I woke up hating my post from yesterday. "Why on earth did you do that?" Now that it's on paper and on the world wide web, I have to follow through.

But in the same breath I'm a project girl. If I have a project to work on, I'm happy. I'm a doer. I'm always doing something. The problem is, I already have numerous projects that I'm attempting to balance like the guy at the circus with all the plates on the stick. I feel like that guy in this moment.

I have learned to say no to the things that don't matter. Usually if I'm holding the plate in the air, attempting to balance it with all my other plates, I'm pretty sure I'm supposed to be doing it. I know that writing is in my future (and my present). I just can't let the voice of doubt scare me away from what I know I'm called to do.

What do you doubt?

Doubt is a funny thing. We can often believe it to be truth in our lives. Or we let it seep so far into our souls that we begin to believe it to be true.

But the Bible tells us that we are made new through the blood of Christ. We are enough through God's grace. Without Him, though, doubt can run our lives and become truth in our hearts.

Jesus says in Jon 5:30, "By myself I can do nothing." Why do we think we can do things on our own, when even Jesus admitted that He was nothing without His Father?

Doubt can rule our thoughts when we attempt to do things on our own. Remember that you are a child of God, and you can do all things through Him.

Don't let doubt stop you from doing what you know you're called to do. Christ has given you the gift of life through the cross. Doubt will never be as strong as that sacrifice.

Whatever you're doubting you can do, stop doubting! Whatever Christ has called you to do, start doing!

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  1. thanks, i need to be reminded of this almost every day!



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