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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Somehow the most wonderful time of the year often turns into the most stressful time of the year. With everyone's budgets tight and the lists of people to buy for getting longer and longer, we can easily turn joy into dread.

Head to a mall anywhere in the U.S. and you'll find garland and lights, bows, and bags. Retailers are just waiting for you to get your credit cards out!

I will say that even I fall into the pre-Christmas hype. I have probably already mentioned that I'm holding back the desire to turn my house into the North Pole.

One of the biggest stressors that takes place over the holidays is checking off the list of everyone you plan to buy for. My dad is notorious for being at the mall on Christmas Eve every year (well, it's that or he decides to give lotto tickets as presents). It's totally his personality though. He'll go one day and buy for me, my sister, my grandma, and Melissa all on the same day.

Unfortunately my shopping list is not quite that simple.

I have just barely started my Christmas shopping list in an effort to enjoy the holiday season with my family and not spend the majority of it in the mall. Last year I did a lot of shopping online, but some of that was even last minute.

In an effort to be ahead of the game this year, I went in search of something to keep me organized (what?! Organized?! Me?!). Yes! Of course I went in search of some sort of Christmas list organization.

And I found something!

After reading lots of reviews, checking out numerous apps, buying a different app and deciding it was not what I wanted, I landed on this.

It's called Christmas List and it's available for $0.99 in the App store. A few of my favorite features:

  • You can link gifts to popular stores already added in the app (or add your own stores).
  • The app automatically creates master store lists from the gifts you've linked to stores. For example, if I add a gift for both of my kiddos and my nieces and nephew and I plan to get all of those gifts at Pottery Barn Kids, I can simply pull up my Pottery Barn Kids list and check off everything at once. 
  • You can also keep a budget for each person on your list and separate all your friends and family into groups. 
  • You can share gift lists with friends and family via email or facebook. 
After trying a few apps, this is definitely my favorite when it comes to Christmas organization. 

For all the fun details on this app, check out this short video that takes you through all the features of the app. 

Happy Christmas list making! 

.....day 90 of a year of writing.....

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