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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I am so excited! I was just introduced to the coolest blog for moms with small kiddos. Thanks Caroyln Jaggers for sharing your find!

I often have a tough time getting picky eaters in my family to eat. With a two and a four year old, it's sometimes tough to get them to want to eat nutritious food.

There is the cutest blog called Meet the Dubiens. One of the main things Jill Dubiens blogs about is Fun Food Friday. She has the cutest food ideas for kids. I can't stop browsing her site. Such great ideas for kiddos!

If you are a mom with small kids, this is a blog you should follow. Here are just a few of her cute ideas for making food fun!

Did I mention she also posts great ideas for fun crafts? Yes, she does!

I know you can hardly stand the tease. Go check out her blog and start following her! http://meetthedubiens.blogspot.com.

All these fun food ideas make me want to homeschool even more! Then we can have FuN FoOd FrIdAy every Friday. Plus, I think sprinkles in yogurt in a cute colorful container is a great way to get kiddos to eat yogurt. I'm so glad Jill is coming up with all these cute and creative food ideas so I can copy them!

Thanks Jill!  http://meetthedubiens.blogspot.com/

....day 88 of a year of writing.....


  1. You will LOVE homeschooling!! I thought I would go crazy schooling 3, but it has brought us so much closer and I really enjoy that time with them!

  2. I love her blog! I follow her too and have pinned so many of her lunches and kids projects. She did one project with some clay and you put your kids fingerprints into the clay to make a heart and then you make a necklace out of the whole thing...anyways, it's adorable! I've got an album on Pinterest devoted to just lunches. I can't wait until Aubrey is old enough to appreciate a Bento lunch! :)


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