My Daddy's 56th Birthday

Friday, November 4, 2011

Yesterday my dad turned 56. One of his birthday presents was a camera he could wear on his helmet while mountain biking.

I guess I should have prefaced this post with the following information:
My dad is crazy (in the best kind of way).
My dad is in better shape than I am and always has been.
My dad finished the Ironman in 1983 (two months before I was born).
My dad has finished about a million triathlons. (That's a lot huh?!)
Lately, my dad has been really into mountain biking.
If you ever get the chance to meet my dad, you'll instantly love him. He's a cool dude.

When I called last night to wish him happy birthday, he told me he was lucky to be walking. Not good to hear from your dad, but also something I wasn't surprised to hear from my dad.

He went out yesterday on his birthday for a mountain bike run in Palo Dura Canyon. I think he goes every day that he gets the chance. He was excited to try out his new helmet cam. He told me that Go Pro said they would send him something if he'd shoot a video with his Go Pro a promo type video I guess.

Anyway, out he went with his camera. Below you can see what happened. (Around minute two is when it gets interesting).

Oh, my crazy dad! I love you Dad. Happy Birthday. I hope you're cool with me showing all my friends your Go Pro video : )  And I hope your butt is feeling better.

And thank you to all my readers for letting me indulge in showing off my daddy! He's a ton of fun. And he sure doesn't act his age! 84 of a year of writing.....

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