Saturday, November 5, 2011

At 1:45 on a brisk Saturday afternoon, my house is quiet except for the rumbling of the laundry tumbling over itself in the dryer.

My wonderful husband took Addison to a birthday party in Yukon, and I am home with Luke. He's not yet asleep, but should be soon.

I'm still clad in my make-up from yesterday, a pair of black leggings, and a cut off t-shirt. (I learned how to cut regular t-shirts to make them super cute at an event I was at last night......look for details on that soon!)

I have brushed my teeth (that's good news), but I'm currently wondering if a shower is even a possibility today. I'm not sure that I care if it happens or not at this point.

As I listen to the quiet, I am overwhelmed with the list of things my mind is creating for me to do. Yesterday we had our second home visit in preparation for becoming foster parents. Next Friday will be our final visit, and if our home study is approved, then we'll become official potential foster parents.

I guess that means that we could have another child in our home by the end of the month. Please pause while I digest that thought.

Part of me feels like I'm know, that thing that happens to all pregnant women a few weeks before the baby comes. It's an attempt to get everything ready. It makes me want to clean out every closet and every room in my house and re-organize everything.....seriously....I wish I were joking.

My mind is running about a hundred miles an hour with the thought of all the projects I could start, and all the things that need organizing. It's slightly scary.

I have this urge to simplify. We have way too much stuff. I look in all our closets and in our garage, and think to myself, "Why on earth do we need all this crap?!"  A lot of my trouble comes from documents and records. Tax records, receipts, all that stuff that you're supposed to keep up with. I am an organized person, but oddly enough, I am not a filer. We have two filing cabinets that have papers and folders just stacked up in them. I am considering getting one of those Neat Receipt Machines, but that in itself will be another project to get all those documents scanned. It is intriguing though.

It's time to go through toy baskets and closets and get rid of the things my kids don't play with. (Another time consuming project.)

We need to paint our guest bedroom (which will be a foster baby's room soon) and re-purpose our playroom to be a guest bedroom and a playroom.

We're finalizing a cash budget that we're getting in place for our personal checking account, and we're working on a scheduled budget for our business account. All things that take time and energy.

And with all that rolling in my head, I am holding myself back from getting out our Christmas decorations. I want to do it so badly! I really do. Because we are hosting Thanksgiving at our house, I really want to not work for the next week, and lock myself in the house to decorate for the holidays and tackle all my nesting and organization desires.

But the reality is, I only have a few hours today, and I've got to prioritize. My winter clothes need to be hung up (literally, they are lying on the floor in my closet now).  I need to run two miles today because I refuse to be chubby in January on the beach. : ) I have to finish our November budget. And the laundry that is still tumbling in the dryer needs to be folded and put away (big sigh).

So, off I go to dream of all the things that need to be done, while doing all the things that have to be done.

Hoping your Saturday is full of peace. 85 of a year of writing.....

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