What Are You Doing This Week?

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Yep. I want to know. What are you doing this week?

Being that it's Sunday, it is of course time for the Sunday 7.

The Sunday 7 is when we look at the 7 most important areas or our lives and decide what the most important thing to be done in each of those areas for the week is. For a more complete description of the Sunday 7 click here.

Being that we're out of town right now, sitting down to plan out my week helps me stay on track and keep from being behind due to travel.

Here are my 7 categories for the week (yours can change from week to week) and what I plan to get done in each group.

  1. Faith: Continue reading my Bible daily. Start a prayer journal. 
  2. Family: Individual time with each of my kiddos. Dinner three nights this week at the table. Bed times for everyone. 
  3. Life Groups: Decide on service projects for the month of November for both of my Bible study groups. E-mail all Monday night girls. 
  4. Work: Start filming New Director training videos. Connect with all frontline consultants via email. Plan presentation for Spring Sprint. 
  5. Health and Fitness: Run 3x this week. Work out at Barre 3 Wednesday morning. Keep up with Weight Watchers points. : )
  6. Finances: Get all our personal and business taxes in order...that's why we're in Salt Lake City! Take out cash for our cash only budget. Finalize Budget. 
  7. Downtime: Read daily for pleasure. Enjoy our little getaway in Utah. 
  8. Home Organization: I added one more this week! I am decorating for Christmas next weekend so our house will be ready for Thanksgiving. Also putting all my summer clothes away and getting the winter clothes out. 
Done! I have my week planned out. What about you? Now's the time. Start planning and find a little more peace this week. List out what's important to you, and carve out some time to get something done in that area of your life this week. 

As always, feel free to leave your Sunday 7 below in the comments section if it helps you get ready for the week. 

Happy Sunday! 

.....day 93 of a year of writing....

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