Whatever Goes In Is What Comes Out....

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Have you ever thought about the contents of your computer’s hard drive? Me? I think about it all the time : ) Not really. But seriously, I want you to consider for a moment what you have on your computer. 

There are programs, games, and applications that may come standard on your computer, but the majority of the content on your computer was placed there by you. 

It’s the same thing for your smart phone. What kind of apps do you have? Are there games and social media apps? Productivity and budgeting apps? Maybe a little of both?

When you think about the electronics that you use everyday, you can only get from them whatever you choose to put into them. For example, if you are stuck in an airport and want to play a game to pass the time, you can only do so if you’ve already loaded that game onto your phone. 

If you want to search for training documents that you’ve created for your job, you’ll only be able to find those documents that you’ve already created or downloaded.

Whatever goes into those pieces of technology is what can come out. 

The same is very true for our minds. 

Do you ever think about what your downloading or uploading to your brain on a daily basis? 

What are you reading? 

Is the only thing you actually read everyday the status updates on Facebook or the tweets running through your notifications? 

When was the last time you picked up a book or read an article or heaven forbid, read a newspaper?! (Yes, they still exist.)

So often we are filling our brains with the mindless thoughts and opinions of other people. Now, don’t get all huffy on me. I know there can be great content on Facebook and Twitter, but have you ever considered that the only people who ever have anything truly beneficial to say are those people who are actually reading books. That’s where they’re getting all their great ideas! You could do the same thing believe it or not. 

Whatever goes in is what comes out. 

And do you ever consider what’s going into your brain when you’re listening to the radio? 
I’m not saying that music can make us smarter or more successful, but it can have a huge impact on our thought process. Think about how easy it is to remember the lyrics to a song. I can still sing songs that I learned in elementary. I know the rap to TLCs Waterfalls. Sad I know. But it's true. 

Song lyrics become things that you believe to be true. They become words that you can say at any point in time. Almost like mantras. 

I listen to “normal music” but most of the time, I listen to Christian music. And believe it or not, in times of trouble or times of fear, I can pull up words of truth that someone wrote into song lyrics. They’ve become etched on my heart. 

Whatever goes in is what comes out. 

Oh and what about your business? It doesn’t really matter what kind of business you are in. No matter where you work or what you do, there are always positive and negative comments to sort through. 

Are you listening to the negative and allowing it to come out through you? Or are you surrounding yourself with the positive people? 

In my business (direct sales), there are always negative things to be said. And on the flip side, there are always hundreds and thousands of people who are making it work. There is always training to listen to, motivational words to be inspired by, and another idea or tactic that you haven’t thought of yet, but that someone else who is willing to share has. 

What are you putting into your brain? 

Whatever goes in is what comes out? 

And then there is the TV. Yes, even the TV matters. I know you’re watching it to unwind and settle down from the day. A little well deserved down-time. I toatlly get it. I do it, too. 

But what you are watching matters. One thing I hate about TV today is how “okay” it is for everyone on every show to drink. One of the lies I told myself when I was drinking daily was that it was okay because everyone on TV did it. I know that sounds ridiculously stupid. But it was true. I never said that out loud to myself, but the thought ran through my head many, many times. A lie that was slipped into my brian via the media.
Be careful of what you watch on TV. 

Whatever goes in is what comes out. 

What are you putting into your mind? And what is coming out?

It's something to think about. 

.....day 96 of a year of writing....

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  1. I've actually never though about the brain functioning in that manner. Very intriguing, I must say! It would be an understatement to say that I really enjoyed this post; it provided me with a completely new perspective! I really liked it!


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