The Secrets Inside the Pages

Saturday, December 31, 2011

I love to watch people wander through the aisles and aisles of shelves of books.

They all come looking for something....a craft project, some inspiration, a game, history, a great story, the purpose of life.

I wonder what each of them is thinking as they browse the rows and rows of titles.

I could spend hours upon hours in a good bookstore.

There is just something about picking up a book and thumbing through its pages while wondering what's inside.

There is just something about a book. I hope upon hoping that bookstores are never extinct. I realize that we're moving into a new age where e-readers are all the craze and I totally get it. I have a Kindle and just got a Kindle Fire, so who am I to talk? But I love books!

The pages, the covers, the heaviness of them. Of course, the way they look on a bookshelf is something to be said, too.

I love my kindle. I really do. But, I wonder if my daughter will pick it up one day and browse all the titles I've taken the time to read, or if I'll have bookshelves of books for her to pick up and flip through? It's hard to say. Maybe it will be a mixture of the two.

All I know is there is nothing like a bookstore. There is just something magical about them. All those paper pages hold deep sweet secrets just waiting to be uncovered.

I realize I sound like a nerd, but I really do love books.

All this talk about bookstores makes me think about You've Got Mail.  Oh, how I love Kathleen Kelly's bookstore. It makes me want to have one of my own. To have a children's bookstore where kids could come browse and play and moms could connect to free wi-fi and sip sounds magical to me!

I just love books. What can I say? I am a bookworm. 

I honestly miss teaching literature and being in school. I really want to go back and get my master's degree. I guess if the Lord calls me to it, I'll do it. 

Who knows what the future holds? 

Who knows what lies inside the pages of my life that are still unwritten? It's hard to say now, but a good book always holds a surprise at the end. A secret revealed, a love confessed, a murder, a happy ending, sorrow, joy....the possibilities of what lie inside the pages are unending. 

Are you a book lover? Do you love to sit in a bookstore? Is it just me? 

I really hope I'm not the only nerd out there. 

Brian and I spent two hours of our date night tonight cozied up at Barnes and Noble reading (yes, the Hunger Games....I'm officially done....more on that soon. He's got the third book to read), and I had to share the love. 

Wishing a good book and a great cup of coffee your way... 140 of a year of writing.....

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  1. I am definitely a bookworm nerd as well! Take it from the girl who spends an entire Saturday at Barnes & Noble and started a book club! Completely obsessed!


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