because sometimes you just need a teeny bitch

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Don't be offended by the title of this post. I simply feel the need as a mom to document all my children's moments.

So here's the story....

About a year or so ago, we were sitting around the table, and Brian asked Addison if she would like salt and pepper on her broccoli, and she responded, "just a teeny bitch, please."

We looked at each other, eyes wide, wondering if we had heard her correctly.

I said, "How much salt and pepper do you want, baby?"

"Just a teeny bitch mom."

And that night, as soon as the kiddos were in bed, we laughed so incredibly hard because the teeny bitch had made her appearance in our lives.

And being the awesome parents that we are, we didn't correct her (for a long time), and she continued to say "teeny bitch" or "just a bitch" all the time.

We figured out that she was combining the words bit and pinch....thus "bitch."

But it was too funny and cute to correct for a while. {I know that makes us horrible people, but this is going to make a great story one day!}

Once she started kindergarten, I knew that we would need to correct her in the near future. I didn't want her telling her kindergarten teacher that she needed just a teeny bitch more glue, please.

But we let it go on for a little while (because it was funny and we all need a little humor in our lives right?) Eventually Brian had a conversation with her about it on the way to school one day.

She took it well. But that was the end of the teeny bitch.

Now I'm hoping my boys come up with something innocently inappropriate for me to laugh at soon.

Just wanted to share a teeny bitch of humor with you tonight.


  1. I suddenly want to incorporate "teeny bitch" into my slang vocabulary (only where appropriate.) That's just too adorable.

  2. Maybe she was combining teeny "bit" and "pinch"? But gotta love those funny parenting moments. =D

    1. Amy, you're right. I totally miss typed that. : ) I fixed it.


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